Men’s Pennant Results

5 November 2022 (round 4)

22 October 2022 (round 2)

Both teams travelled to Dandaragan to play the second round of pennants.  It was pleasing to have both teams come away with a good win.

Jurien Gold had a big win against Padbury, winning the agregate 90-42, giving them 6 points to 0.

Jurien Green won against Drummond with only 1 rink loss and winning the aggregate 63-40.  Points were 5 points to 1.

Results of all teams results in the league and the ladder can be seen here


15 October 2022 (round 1)

Round 1 of the new season kicked off with a derby between Gold and Green.  Jurien Green were very determined to win after defeats last year.

Green won the match in emphatic fashion winning on two of the three rinks and narrowly going down on the other one.  The biggest win was by Briann Emery who beat Garry Helliwell 31-14, Litchy beat Ian James 20-18 and Ged Cashmore from Gold beat Alfie Carlton 19-13.

Results of all teams results in the league and the ladder can be seen here


16 October 2021 – Round 1

The first game of the pennant season kicked off with the Jurien Derby and resulted in a good win for the Gold side.

The biggest win of the day came from Becky’s team who beat Brian Chambers 30-13, Gary Helliwell played a flawless game to beat Alfie Carlton 27-14 and Green had their only win for the afternoon from Litchy who beat Ian James 21-19.  The aggregate win of 76-48 gave Gold 5 points to 1.

28 November 2020 (round 8)

A fascinating derby pennants game was played between Jurien Green and Jurien Gold today. All games were very close and seesawed all day, with one team getting on top and then the other team would fight back. The final margin of just 3 points in the aggregate showed just how competitive these two teams are.
The winning rinks for Green were Alfie Carlton who won 17-15 against Don Patton and Ian James who had the best win of the day over Glen Beck 24-17. Garry Helliwell had the win for Gold over Brian Chambers 20-15.
This gave Green a 5 points to 1 win and will probably see them on top of the ladder.
Well done to all players in very tricky conditions.

7 November 2020 (round 5)

Results from pennants 7th November as follows:
Jurien Gold vs Leeman
Three very good rink wins with Garry Helliwell winning 24-13, Litchy 23-17 and Becky also 23-17. This gave Gold an aggregate win of 70-47 and 6 points to 0.
Jurien Green were not so fortunate against Badgingarra, even though Alfie won his rink 18-10 and Ian James won 18-14. Brian Chambers lost his game10-27 and this gave Badgingarra the aggregate win 51-46.

17 October 2020 (round 2)

The Jurien men’s pennant teams had a successful trip to Cervantes with two great wins. Gold were very impressive with 3 rink wins and a huge 78-34 aggregate win over Cervantes Gold. Litchy in his first game of the season won 29-9, Becky won 23-12 and Garry Helliwell won 26-13. A great effort by Gold!
Jurien Green had 2 rink wins with Brian Chambers losing 16-24, Ian James won 23-20 and the comfortable win by Alfie 23-11 ensured that Green would win the aggregate 62-55.
Well done to all players in difficult windy conditions.

When all the other teams supply their game results, those results  and the ladder can be seen here

10 October 2020 (round 1)

First game of pennants done and dusted, and what a great game it was. Reigning premiers Jurien Gold took on Jurien Green in the big derby and there were 3 very close games.
For Gold, the team led by Becky won over Ian James on the last bowl of the game with a 19-17 victory, Gary Helliwell won over Brian Chambers 17-16 and the only win for Green came from Alfie Carlton who beat Don Patton 19-15. Although Gold won on 2 rinks, the win by Alfie made it a narrow 1 point aggregate win for the day to Green. Jurien Green will get 4 points and Gold 2 points on the day.
Next week, both teams travel to Cervantes, hopefully 2 wins will get our season under way very well.



14th March 2020

Jurien finished the home and away season of pennants very well with two good wins against Cervantes. It was important that Gold had a win to maintain their top position and Green needed to win well to firstly hold their place in the four and hopefully leap to third position.

Gold did what was necessary and had a 6-0 win. Brian Eather continued his good team form and had a massive 42-13 win, Glen Beck won his rink 28-20 and Lance Litchy won 17-13. The aggregate win of 87-46 was substantial.

Green also had a very good win 5.5 points to 0.5. Brian Chambers ensured the aggregate with a 30-10 win, Barry Beer continued his good form winning 20-15 and Alfie Carlton had a 19 all draw. This was enough for Green to go to third position on the ladder and will host Cervantes Gold next week in the first semi final.

Results of all teams results in the league and the ladder can be seen here

7th March 2020

Two great wins to the Jurien Men’s pennant teams on the road trip to Cervantes. Both teams needed a win, Gold to maintain their position on top of the ladder and Green to hold on to fourth spot.

Green had a comfortable win over Cervantes Black winning on 2 rinks and going down narrowly on the other one. This gave Green 5 points and an aggregate win of 54-72. The team led by Alfie Carlton won 26-18, Brian Chambers won 29-16 and Barry Beer lost narrowly 17-20.

Gold had a great win over Cervantes Gold winning all rinks comfortably and coming away with 6 points. This will ensure that they remain on top and look like a good chance to host the first final at home.


15th February 2020

A great result for Jurien Green this week with a 5-1 win against Dandaragan Drummond. This ensures that Green stays in 4th spot on the ladder however they will need to win their remaining two games to be guaranteed a spot in the finals.

For Green, Alfie Carlton had a huge win 37-15, Barry Beer continued his impressive elevation to skipper with a 21-15 win and Brian Chambers went down 17-26.

Unfortunately, Gold lost their match against Dandaragan Padbury 1-5. A win against Padbury would have made the passage for Green to the finals much easier, however this was not to be. This loss will mean that Gold will be equal on top of the ladder with Badgy, and they will need to win their remaining games to ensure a home game in the first week of the finals.

I do not have results available for these games, however Brian Eather continued his good form as skip and had the only rink win for Gold. I will post these results when they are available.

14th December 2019

Mixed results this week – Jurien Gold had a terrific win over the previous top side Badgingarra and Green going down against Leeman.

Gold won their match 6 points to zero with good rink wins to Brian Eather 23-14, Gary Helliwell 27-12 and Glen Beck 24-10, giving them a massive aggregate win of 74-36

Green played Leeman and lost 2 rinks, the only winner on the day was Ian James 20-16.  Brian Chambers lost 13-19 and Alfie Carlton lost 17-21.  Green were only able to salvage 1 point from the match, losing the aggregate by the narrow margin 50-56.

There are only 4 games to go now before the finals, Gold are sitting nicely on top of the ladder with a clear margin, however Green are just clinging on to fourth spot.  There is now a big break for pennants over Christmas period, games will recommence on 1st February.

7th December 2019

A great result for Jurien Gold on the weekend against Dandaragan Drummond.  Gold won the game 5 points to 1 with an aggregate win of 71-53, thanks to two great rink wins by Brian Eather 26-10 and Becky 27-17.  Litchy unfortunately lost 18-26.

Jurien Green lost their game 0.5 points to 5.5.  This however was a close tussle with the aggregate difference just 4 points 55 to 51.  The result was decided on the last bowl of the day after Alfie Carlton played a gem of a bowl to hold 5 shots and at that stage, Gold was holding the aggregate.  Unfortunately the skipper from Dandaragan Padbury also played a great bowl to change the head and they won that end by 1 and held on to the aggregate.  The results of the games were Ian James 14-20, Brian Chambers 18-20 and Alfie Carlton 17-17.

Gold still hold on to second position on the ladder while Green have slipped down to fourth.

Results of all teams results in the league and the ladder can be seen here

30th November 2019

The long awaited Derby between Green and Gold lived up to expectations.  Windy conditions again made it very difficult but some very good bowls were played by both teams.

Jurien Green won the day even though they only won on 1 rink, winning the aggregate by just 2 points.  This was made possible with a good win by Alfie’s team 25-16 against Becky’s team.  An exciting finish to the game say Green in front by 4 points with one end to play and Glen Beck picked up 2 points on that end.

Gold won the other two rinks with Brian Eather beating Brian Chambers 22-17 and Gary Helliwell winning a close game against Ian James 23-21.

The 4 points to 2 win by Green keeps them in touch with the top two teams, however Gold should remain on top after this weekends game.

Results of all teams results in the league and the ladder can be seen here



16th November 2019

Another two good wins by the Jurien teams against Cervantes, cementing their places in the top four.

Jurien Green beat Cervantes Black 65 to 53.  Alfie’s team continued their good form with a 25-14 win after coming back from 12-2 down,  Brian Chambers won 22-18 and Ian James had a narrow 18-21 loss, giving Green 5 points to 1.

Gold also scored 5 points,  against Cervantes Gold winning the aggregate 62 to 45.  Brian Chambers lost his rink 14-25, Glen Beck had a huge win 29 to 8 and Gary Helliwell won 19 to 12.

Jurien Gold are now on top of the ladder with 27.5 points, Badgingarra are second with 26.5 and Green are third on  24 points.

2nd November 2019 – Round 4

Two great results for the Jurien Men’s teams this week.
Green played top side Badgingarra and had a very good win 76 points to 41. Two good rink wins to Alfie Carlton 32-13 and Ian James 30-7 ensured the aggregate win, unfortunately Brian Chambers went down 14-21 giving Green 5 points to 1.
Gold played Leeman and 3 rink wins with an aggregate win of 59 to 45 gives then maximum 6 points. Gary Helliwell rebounded well from last week and had a 20-15 win, Brian Eather continued his winning form with a narrow 20-19 win and Becky had a 19-11 win.
Although the ladder hasn’t been updated as yet, this should show Green as being on top with Gold just a half point behind in second position.


26th October 2019 – Round 3

Jurien Green travelled to Leeman and all rinks had very good results.  Brian Chambers had the close game and managed to break away on the last couple of ends to win 26-23.  Alfie had a very comfortable win 26-14 and Ian James had a great win 27 to 14.  The aggregate win of 79-45 was significant.

Jurien Gold travelled to Badgy to face a very good team over there.  Glen Beck had a terrific win 28-10, Brian Eather’s  continued their very good form to win 21-16 and Gary Helliwell went down 31-7.  Unfortunately Badgy won the aggregate by just 1 point which gave them the win over Gold 4 points to 2.

Badgingarra are on top of the ladder after round 3 with Green and Gold sitting second and third respectively.



19th October 2019 – Round 2

Two good wins by the Jurien teams see them sitting well in second and third position on the ladder after round 2.

Gold played Dandaragan Drummond and had a very good win with 2 rink wins and a draw for an aggregate of 75 to 64 which gave them 5.5 points to 0.5.

Green played Padbury and won two rinks and lost on one.  The aggregate win of 61 to 47 was ensured by a great win by Ian James team who won 26-11, this gives Green 5 points to 1.


12th October 2019 – Round 1

Round 1 of the pennant season with the new Gold and Green teams, there was much at stake and lots of bragging rights involved.

Even though Green won comfortably on two of the rinks, the aggregate was never in doubt with the other rink having a massive win for Gold.  For Green, Ian James had a win over the team led by Gary Helliwell 19-12, Brian Chambers won over Becky also with 19-12 and the Gold team of Brian Eather had a very classy win over Alfie Carlton 33-7.  Alfie was given very little support from his team mates and they have vowed that it will never happen again.

The result of all that is that Gold won the aggregate 57 to 45 and the points went to Gold 4-2.

Next week we host Dandaragan and two wins will be the minimum requirement

30th March 2019 – Grand Final

The Grand Final between the two Jurien teams proved to be a very exciting tussle as expected.  Gold ran out winners on the day with 2 rink wins and an aggregate win of 59-52.  This was largely due to a good win by the Glen Beck team 26-16 although Litchy’s crew did fight back from being down 18-2 at one stage.  The win by Alfie Carlton for Green 20-13 and the narrow win by the Gold team of Ian James 20-16 led to a very exciting finish where either team could have won until the very end.

The win by Gold was well deserved but it is pleasing to see that the two Jurien teams are so well matched and to have the pennant stay in Jurien with the other team coming runner up is a great achievement.  Next year the pennant teams will be shuffled again so all loyalties will be out the window.


Jurien Gold                                                                      Jurien Green


24th March 2019 – Preliminary Final

The preliminary final was played between Jurien Green and Dandaragan Padbury to determine who would play Jurien Gold in the grand final next weekend.  In extremely blustery and difficult conditions, Green overpowered Padbury thanks to huge wins from the skippers Alfie Carlton 27-10 and Gary Helliwell 28-12.  The other game saw Litchy go down 12-22 although at one stage, this team came back from 13-2 down to level the scores only to fall away again.  The aggregate score was 67-44

The grand final is to be played next weekend and this derby will be hotly contested.  It is great that Jurien will bring home the pennant with the two home teams playing.


The winning skippers Alfie Carlton and Gary Helliwell.


23rd March 2019 – First Semi Final

Finals time!  The battle between the two local sides as expected was a very close tussle.  Although Green finished on top of the ladder, Gold proved to be too strong on the day and won their way  straight through to the Grand Final.

The win by Gold was assured due to a big win by Becky’s team 25-14.  This was helped largely by a 5 point win on the last end. The other two games were very close with  Ian James’ team winning against Gary Helliwell 20-18 and the only winner on the day for Green was Litchy who beat Brian Chambers 20-16.  Two rink wins for Gold and an aggregate advantage of 61-52 means that Gold will progress to the grand final and Green will go into battle against Dandaragan Padbury for their chance to make the grand final.


The winning skippers…..

The scores can be seen by clicking here

This is the League Ladder

The skippers ladder

16th March 2019 – Round 14

Both Jurien teams travelled to Dandaragan to complete the last round of pennants before the start of the finals. It was important that both teams had a win to ensure that they remained first and second on the ladder.

Jurien Green played Padbury who were third on the ladder and won the game with an aggregate of 71-56. Wins by Alfie Carlton 27-14 and Gary Helliwell 21-18 ensured the aggregate win, whilst Litchy went down in a very close tussle 23-24. This gave Green 5 points on the day.

Gold also had a 5-1 win with an aggregate of 68-50, thanks to a huge win by Ian James 30-13. Becky also had a 23-19 win and Brian Chambers went down narrowly 15-18.

All in all, a good day for Jurien. Green will now finish on top of the ladder and Gold will be second. This will mean a home game next weekend between those two teams.

The teams were in high spirits on the way home in the bus.




23rd February 2019 – Round 13

A very good day for Jurien men’s bowls today with both teams recording good wins against Cervantes. Both teams had to win to maintain their positions on top of the ladder and with just one home and away game to go, they now have a good chance of retaining those positions and having a home first final.

Green had wins on all 3 rinks and thanks to Alfie Carlton’s team winning 36-10 and Gary Helliwell winning 32-13, they won the aggregate easily with 89 points to 36. Litchy’s team fought back well to come from behind and ran out quite comfortable winners 21-13

Gold had a 5 points to 1 win against Cervantes Black and won the aggregate 74-39. The aggregate was never in doubt with Ian James with an unbelievable score of 43-7. Becky won narrowly 16-13 and Brian Chambers went down 15-19. This win by Gold will hold their second position on the ladder and Green will be now comfortably on top.

Good luck to all players who will be playing country week next week.




16th February 2019 – Round 12

Another two fantastic wins for the Jurien teams, this time playing Cervantes at Cervantes.

Jurien Green played Cervantes Black and had wins on 2 of the 3 rinks and a huge aggregate win.  The aggregate score of 74-52 was never in doubt thanks to a 32-12 win by Litchy’s team and Garry Helliwell had a comfortable 22-15 win.   Alfie Carlton went down in an exciting game in which scores were level with two ends to go, unfortunately they just couldn’t hold on.  This gave Green 5 points to 1

Jurien Gold also had a 5 points to 1 win over Cervantes Gold.  Ian James led his team to a 26-13 win and Brian Chambers had a narrow 19-16 win.  Unfortunately Glen Beck went down in a very exciting game 15-16.  The aggregate score was 60-45 in favour of Jurien Gold.

The two wins will ensure that Green stay on top of the ladder with Gold close behind them.  Only two games of home and away to go, so if both teams keep winning, it will ensure that there will be a home grand final.


9th February 2019 – Round 11

Jurien Green and Gold both played at home on Saturday 9th February with mixed results.

Green playing against Dandaragan Drummond had a win, a draw and a loss.  Fortunately the team skippered by Gary Helliwell had a huge win 36-13 which enabled Green to easily win the aggregate.  Litchy’s team had an exciting 15-15 draw and Alfie’s team (after an amazing comeback) went down 18-23.  This gave Green 4.5 points for the day.

Gold also had a very close tussle against Dandaragan Padbury.  Glen Beck led his team to a good win 25-16, and Brian Chambers team won narrowly 19-18 thanks to a wonderful last bowl by Ian James.  This bowl broke the deadlock of 18 all on the last end.  John Thomas had a struggle and his team went down 7-23 which gave Padbury the aggregate win.  This means that Gold will get just 2 points for the day.

This will put Green clearly on top of the ladder and Gold will be just hanging on to second spot.  It is important that we keep winning in both colours for the next 3 games to make sure that Jurien will finish in first and second place on the ladder.

Don’t forget that pennant practice will be held each Wednesday at 3.30pm.