Scroungers and Social Bowls



Say g’day to the rough looking crew at the back bar.

We would like to invite you to come and meet “Jack”.  You can find him on a Friday afternoon,  Jack is a little yellow ball on the bowling green, probably about 30 metres from where you will deliver your bowl.  Be warned, this yellow devil can be elusive – but the closer you can get to it, the more chance you will have to win the game.

Trust me, it can be fun.  You will soon become addicted to chasing the yellow devil.

We have social bowls on Wednesday afternoon and our scroungers bowls are held every Friday afternoon.  If you would like to play on these days, please note that on Wednesdays the mixed social bowls starts at 2.30pm,  Mixed scroungers on Fridays – names in for both days by 2.15.

Green fees are just $5 per player and prizes are awarded to the winner who tames Jack.

This is a very popular event and visitors to town are welcome to call in to the club and enjoy the friendship of the locals.


This is what the little sod looks like:

And this is probably what it will look like after you have tried to chase the mongrel down!