Ladies Pennants Teams

Jurien White  – 10 October 2020


J Walton I Stokes A O’Dowd
R Henriques
S Forward
F Allen
J Reardon
L Allen

Reserves –M Allen



Jurien Red – 

10 October 2020


L Leeson
H Clatworthy M Emery
P Beale
K King
J Helliwell G Ramsey H Patton

Reserves –R Carter


The pennant team colours  have been selected and are as follows:

White                                                                            Red

Anne Cashmore Lorraine Leeson
Sandy Forward Kath King
Judy Reardon Heather Clatworthy
Irene Stokes Jackie Helliwell
Lois Allan Lorraine Halliday
Anna O’Dowd Merrin Emery
Vera Blowers Rosemary Carter
Judy Walton Gail Ramsay
Mary Rose Penny Beale
Fiona Allen Helen Patton
Regina Henriques Margaret Davies