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The pennant season for 2022-23 started in October.  Our pennants go through until March next year and anyone who is interested in trying out for a game of pennants will be made very welcome by our members.


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The long awaited new lights for the Bowling Greens have finally arrived.  This major project was made possible from grants from the CSRFF and from the Shire of Dandaragan, with the balance being made up from club funds.  The lights will be a great addition to the already fantastic facilities we have here in Jurien.




If you have recently moved to Jurien, or if you are a visitor to our delightful town, and you love bowls – we have the ideal solution. It is not easy when you don’t know anybody, but you will be made very welcome at the Bowling Club.

Our bowling club is located in a beautiful location with all sporting facilities in the one area.  Within walking distance is the golf club, the squash and tennis courts, basketball courts and the town oval

Sporting ability is not important, having fun is what we are all about.

We take pride on the fact that we are a family club and we have many social functions to encourage interaction. Where better to find out about Jurien than talking to our locals.





Jurien Bay Bowling Club

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Cold Grog

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Some gun bowlers and some not so flash


The evolution of the human to eventually playing bowls is inevitable.  Don’t fight it!

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We would like to invite you come and meet "Jack". You can find him on a Friday afternoon, Jack is a little yellow ball on the bowling green, probably about 30 metres from where you will deliver your bowl. Be warned, this yellow devil can be elusive - but the closer you can get to it, the more chance you will have to win the game.

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Join as a full member to be able to play competition bowls, or as a social member to be able to play scroungers or corporate bowls, or just to be able to come to the club to enjoy social interaction with great people

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Corporate Bowls is a fantastic event that we run every year. We have no trouble filling the required 28 teams and they are made up from people who are generally non bowlers who just want to have a fun time. The event runs from November to March each year, we play 6 games before Christmas and after a break over January, another 6 weeks in February March. If you are interested in playing or putting in a team, keep an eye out for the advice that nomination of teams are open.

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Club news

  • Ladies Fours Championships 2021

    The Ladies Fours Championships resulted in a win for the team led by Lorraine Leeson.  The other members of the team were Irene Stokes, Helen Patton and Carla Regar. The runners up were Judy Walton, Lois Allan, Merren Emery and Marian Allen  

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  • Ladies Championship Singles 2020

    An exciting final of the Ladies singles championships was played on 19th February 2020.  The two finalists were Lorraine Leeson and Heather Clatworthy and both players were worthy of playing in the final as can be seen from the scores. Lorraine broke away to have a very handy lead and at one stage led by...

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