Men’s Pennant Results

30th March 2019 – Grand Final

The Grand Final between the two Jurien teams proved to be a very exciting tussle as expected.  Gold ran out winners on the day with 2 rink wins and an aggregate win of 59-52.  This was largely due to a good win by the Glen Beck team 26-16 although Litchy’s crew did fight back from being down 18-2 at one stage.  The win by Alfie Carlton for Green 20-13 and the narrow win by the Gold team of Ian James 20-16 led to a very exciting finish where either team could have won until the very end.

The win by Gold was well deserved but it is pleasing to see that the two Jurien teams are so well matched and to have the pennant stay in Jurien with the other team coming runner up is a great achievement.  Next year the pennant teams will be shuffled again so all loyalties will be out the window.


Jurien Gold                                                                      Jurien Green


24th March 2019 – Preliminary Final

The preliminary final was played between Jurien Green and Dandaragan Padbury to determine who would play Jurien Gold in the grand final next weekend.  In extremely blustery and difficult conditions, Green overpowered Padbury thanks to huge wins from the skippers Alfie Carlton 27-10 and Gary Helliwell 28-12.  The other game saw Litchy go down 12-22 although at one stage, this team came back from 13-2 down to level the scores only to fall away again.  The aggregate score was 67-44

The grand final is to be played next weekend and this derby will be hotly contested.  It is great that Jurien will bring home the pennant with the two home teams playing.


The winning skippers Alfie Carlton and Gary Helliwell.


23rd March 2019 – First Semi Final

Finals time!  The battle between the two local sides as expected was a very close tussle.  Although Green finished on top of the ladder, Gold proved to be too strong on the day and won their way  straight through to the Grand Final.

The win by Gold was assured due to a big win by Becky’s team 25-14.  This was helped largely by a 5 point win on the last end. The other two games were very close with  Ian James’ team winning against Gary Helliwell 20-18 and the only winner on the day for Green was Litchy who beat Brian Chambers 20-16.  Two rink wins for Gold and an aggregate advantage of 61-52 means that Gold will progress to the grand final and Green will go into battle against Dandaragan Padbury for their chance to make the grand final.


The winning skippers…..

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This is the League Ladder

The skippers ladder

16th March 2019 – Round 14

Both Jurien teams travelled to Dandaragan to complete the last round of pennants before the start of the finals. It was important that both teams had a win to ensure that they remained first and second on the ladder.

Jurien Green played Padbury who were third on the ladder and won the game with an aggregate of 71-56. Wins by Alfie Carlton 27-14 and Gary Helliwell 21-18 ensured the aggregate win, whilst Litchy went down in a very close tussle 23-24. This gave Green 5 points on the day.

Gold also had a 5-1 win with an aggregate of 68-50, thanks to a huge win by Ian James 30-13. Becky also had a 23-19 win and Brian Chambers went down narrowly 15-18.

All in all, a good day for Jurien. Green will now finish on top of the ladder and Gold will be second. This will mean a home game next weekend between those two teams.

The teams were in high spirits on the way home in the bus.




23rd February 2019 – Round 13

A very good day for Jurien men’s bowls today with both teams recording good wins against Cervantes. Both teams had to win to maintain their positions on top of the ladder and with just one home and away game to go, they now have a good chance of retaining those positions and having a home first final.

Green had wins on all 3 rinks and thanks to Alfie Carlton’s team winning 36-10 and Gary Helliwell winning 32-13, they won the aggregate easily with 89 points to 36. Litchy’s team fought back well to come from behind and ran out quite comfortable winners 21-13

Gold had a 5 points to 1 win against Cervantes Black and won the aggregate 74-39. The aggregate was never in doubt with Ian James with an unbelievable score of 43-7. Becky won narrowly 16-13 and Brian Chambers went down 15-19. This win by Gold will hold their second position on the ladder and Green will be now comfortably on top.

Good luck to all players who will be playing country week next week.




16th February 2019 – Round 12

Another two fantastic wins for the Jurien teams, this time playing Cervantes at Cervantes.

Jurien Green played Cervantes Black and had wins on 2 of the 3 rinks and a huge aggregate win.  The aggregate score of 74-52 was never in doubt thanks to a 32-12 win by Litchy’s team and Garry Helliwell had a comfortable 22-15 win.   Alfie Carlton went down in an exciting game in which scores were level with two ends to go, unfortunately they just couldn’t hold on.  This gave Green 5 points to 1

Jurien Gold also had a 5 points to 1 win over Cervantes Gold.  Ian James led his team to a 26-13 win and Brian Chambers had a narrow 19-16 win.  Unfortunately Glen Beck went down in a very exciting game 15-16.  The aggregate score was 60-45 in favour of Jurien Gold.

The two wins will ensure that Green stay on top of the ladder with Gold close behind them.  Only two games of home and away to go, so if both teams keep winning, it will ensure that there will be a home grand final.


9th February 2019 – Round 11

Jurien Green and Gold both played at home on Saturday 9th February with mixed results.

Green playing against Dandaragan Drummond had a win, a draw and a loss.  Fortunately the team skippered by Gary Helliwell had a huge win 36-13 which enabled Green to easily win the aggregate.  Litchy’s team had an exciting 15-15 draw and Alfie’s team (after an amazing comeback) went down 18-23.  This gave Green 4.5 points for the day.

Gold also had a very close tussle against Dandaragan Padbury.  Glen Beck led his team to a good win 25-16, and Brian Chambers team won narrowly 19-18 thanks to a wonderful last bowl by Ian James.  This bowl broke the deadlock of 18 all on the last end.  John Thomas had a struggle and his team went down 7-23 which gave Padbury the aggregate win.  This means that Gold will get just 2 points for the day.

This will put Green clearly on top of the ladder and Gold will be just hanging on to second spot.  It is important that we keep winning in both colours for the next 3 games to make sure that Jurien will finish in first and second place on the ladder.

Don’t forget that pennant practice will be held each Wednesday at 3.30pm.