Hall of Fame


Men’s Singles –

Ladies Singles –

Men’s Pairs  –

Ladies Pairs – Heather Clatworthy, Lorraine Leeson

Mixed Pairs –

Mixed Fours –

Men’s Triples

Ladies Triples – Irene Stokes, Margaret Davies, Helen Patton

Men’s Fours – Alan Carlton, Ian Davies, Brian Emery, Richard Malek

Ladies Fours –




Men’s Singles – Brian Emery

Ladies Singles – Fiona Allen

Men’s Pairs  – Don Patton and Richard Malek

Ladies Pairs – Fiona Allen and Sandy Forward

Mixed Pairs – Brian Chambers, Fiona Allen

Mixed Fours – Ian James, Graham Beale, Pam Beale, M. Emery

Men’s Triples – Don Patton, Brian Emery, Richard Malek

Ladies Triples – Anne Cashmore, Judy Walton and Judy Reardon

Men’s Fours – Brian Eather, Ian Davies, Jed Cashmore, Barry Golding

Ladies Fours – Jackie Helliwell, Heather Clatworthy, Fiona Allen, Pam Beale.




Men’s Singles – Alan Carlton

Ladies Singles – Kath King

Men’s Pairs – Alan Carlton and Bert Rose

Ladies Pairs – Sandy Forward and Penny Beale

Mixed Pairs – Brian Emery and Irene Stokes

Men’s Triples – Ian James, Gavin Hanrahan and Howard Beer

Ladies Triples – Kath King, Lorraine Halliday and Penny Beale

Men’s Fours – Alan Carlton, Barry Beer, Howard Beer and John Buchanan

Ladies Fours – Irene Stokes, Lorraine Halliday, Francis Sandnes and Mary Rose